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May 29, 2018

After several successful events in various esport titles, OGA  is coming to Quake Champions, id Software’s fast paced arena shooter.

One Game Agency is pleased to announce Season 1 of Quake PIT which will be held on June 16th and June 17th.

Eight teams will fight it out in 2vs2 format for a prize pool of $2,500 USD. The event will be a single elimination tournament, with quarterfinals and semifinals in best of 3 bracket and Grand Finals in best of 5 bracket. The casters for the tournament will be zoot and Jehar.


Prize distribution will be as follows:

  • 1st place – $1250
  • 2nd place – $620
  • 3rd place – $315
  • 4th place – $315

One Game Agency is excited to announce that the following teams will be competing in OGA Quake PIT Invitational Season 1:

  • SwelaRus (Tox & clawz)
  • Oserv Esport (CMRN& NYHKO)
  • C58.CG (Base and VengeurR)
  • k1llsen & av3k – (k1llsen & av3k)
  • AMD (Cooller, Latrommi, AGENT)
  • Myztro #2 (Raisy & Spart1e)
  • Myztro #1 (Xron & Silencep)
  • FightingLove (Busdriverx & Lithz)

OGA Quake PIT Invitational is made possible by the support of our generous partners:

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